#540 - The Report

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Opening: The Mueller Report


Robert Mueller submits special counsel's Russia probe report to Attorney General William Barr


Mueller report summary delivered to Congress


Trump didn't coordinate with Russia in 2016, report declares

'Congress Didn't Ask for a Summary': Demands to #ReleaseTheFullReport Surge After Barr Letter: "I don't want a summary of the Mueller report. I want the whole damn report," said Sen. Bernie Sanders


 The White House will get the Mueller report before the public does in case it wants to make redactions, Barr says


McConnnell blocks resolution to release full Mueller report


Mitch McConnell blocked a resolution to release the full Mueller report, 3 days after saying he wanted 'openness and transparency' about it


McConnell blocks resolution calling for release of Mueller report for second time


Why Was Barr The Decider? Legal Experts Puzzled By Attorney General’s Obstruction Decision


If Mueller’s report is great news for Trump, why can’t we see it?


Mueller Report Exceeds 300 Pages, Raising Questions About Four-Page Summary


87% of All Americans & 80% of Republicans Want the Full Mueller Report Released





#10 - Dr. Dre Boasts About Daughter Getting Into USC ‘All on Her Own,’ Then Remembers $70 Million Donation and Deletes Twitter Post


#9 - Michael Avenatti arrested for alleged $20 million extortion attempt on Nike



#8 - NJ approves bill allowing terminally ill patients to end their lives


#7 - Synthetic alcohol that doesn't cause hangovers or liver damage may be available in five years


#6 - Charges against Jussie Smollett dropped, attorneys say



#5 - U.S. jury says Bayer must pay $81 million to man in Roundup cancer trial


#4 - Video of Alaska father and son illegally killing bear, shrieking cubs made public


#3 - Scientists collected blood vessel cells from cadavers and used the samples to engineer artificial blood vessels



#2 - "Trump administration reportedly approves secret nuclear power tech sales to Saudi Arabia".


#1 - Billionaire Sackler family sued by second US state over opioid 'catastrophe'





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