#532 - Oil Owed

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#10 - YouTube to stop recommending conspiracy videos that 'misinform' users


#9 - Ocasio-Cortez: If Trump was gone tomorrow, it wouldn't change 'systemic injustices'


#8 - Scientists have long known that some beaked whales beach themselves and die in agony after exposure to naval sonar, and now they know why: the giant sea mammals suffer decompression sickness, just like scuba divers


#7 - Colorado law would bar convicted animal abusers from owning pets


#6 - Mitch McConnell Admits He's Against High Voter Turnout Because He Suspects People Will Vote for Democrats


#5 - A senior judge has resigned from one of the UN’s international courts in The Hague citing “shocking” political interference from the White House and Turkey


#4 - Self-driving cars will "cruise" to avoid paying to park, suggests a new study


#3 - EU and Japan create world's biggest free trade zone


#2 - Ben Affleck finally achieves lifelong dream of not having to play Batman anymore

‘The Batman’ To Fly In Summer 2021; Ben Affleck Passes The Torch To Next Generation Of Bruce Wayne


#1 - Supreme Court of Canada says bankrupt energy companies must clean up old oil, gas wells before paying off creditors



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