#530 - Time to Wake Up

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#10 - Antarctica is losing ice 6 times faster today than in 1980s


#9 - Taco trucks feeding striking teachers: ‘It’s L.A. What else are you going to bring?’


#8 - May's Brexit Deal Defeated 202-432


#7 - T-Mobile announced a merger needing Trump administration approval. The next day, 9 executives had reservations at Trump’s hotel.


#6 - Trump signs law ensuring shutdown pay for government workers


#5 - Scientists have managed to grow perfect human blood vessels as organoids in a petri dish for the first time, outlined in a new study published in Nature, which advances research of vascular diseases like diabetes, identifying a key pathway to potentially prevent changes to blood vessels.


#4 - Mueller's office disputes BuzzFeed report that Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress


#3 - Pentagon Confirms Climate Change Is A National Security Threat, Contradicting Trump


#2 - McConnell blocks House bill to reopen government for second time


#1 - Anti-vax Movement Listed by World Health Organization as One of the Top 10 Health Threats for 2019


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