#448 - The Bomb is Dead

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#5 - Facebook Sued by Investors Over Voter-Profile Harvesting

The co-founder of WhatsApp just told everyone to delete Facebook

Save all your facebook pictures!


#4 - Man wins $390,000 in gender discrimination case because a woman got the promotion he was more qualified for


#3 - Trump’s national security advisers warned him not to congratulate Putin. He did it anyway.


#2 - Amy Poehler to Direct, Star In and Produce Netflix Comedy 'Wine Country', co-starring Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph


#1 - Texas serial bombing suspect 'dead' - US reports


Listener Submission - Man Convicted of Hate Crime in UK Over Filming Pug Giving Nazi Salutes



Californians fed up with housing costs and taxes are fleeing state in big numbers



Nathan - TIL there is a Russian version of the Lord of the Rings based on the premise that the original LOTR is a "history written by the victors;" in reality Mordor was on the verge of an industrial revolution which was a threat to the war-mongering and imperialistic faction represented by Gandalf/the elves


Federal prosecutors told to seek death penalty in drug cases


Schwahn - ‘If kids are old enough to be shot, they’re old enough to have an opinion about being shot’



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