#298 - Acclimatizing to Change

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#11 - Don't put ground wasp nest on your vagina to tighten muscles, warns gynaecologist

#10 - The Army is eyeing a personal hoverboard that can reach 10,000 feet


#9 - Senators asked Comey to investigate AG Jeff Sessions for possible perjury


Attorney General Jeff Sessions Can Be Impeached If Found Guilty Of Perjury


#8 - New JRR Tolkien book published after 100 years!


#7 - Republican Congressman Says God Will 'Take Care Of' Climate Change


#6 - Trump Exempts Entire Senior Staff From White House Ethics Rules


Trump has granted more lobbyist waivers in 4 months than Obama did in 8 years


#5 - Woman left with life-threatening heart condition after parents chose prayer over medical treatment


#4 - Brendan Fraser Joins Donald Sutherland, Hilary Swank in FX’s ‘Trust’


#3 - US Air Force vet gets 35 years prison for trying to join ISIS


#2 - Sean Spicer: White House is no longer taking question on Trump and Russia


#1 - Trump withdrawing US from Paris climate agreement


White House tells supporters it will exit Paris deal


China tells Donald Trump there is an 'international responsibility' to act over climate change


Facebook and Apple urge Donald Trump not to pull out of Paris Agreement: Twenty-five US companies including Apple, Facebook and Google have signed a letter imploring Mr Trump not to exit the 2015 Paris climate accord


Elon Musk Leaves Presidential Councils 


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