#274 - IT LIVES!!!!

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#10 - Roku Hires DC Lobbyists For First Time To Fight For Net Neutrality


#9 - India plans to mine Helium-3 from Moon by 2030 to help meet energy needs.


#8 - Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro donates $500,000 to Trump fund despite economic woes


#7 - Mastercard debuts a credit card with a fingerprint sensor to fight fraud


#6 - Rover Pipeline Spills More Than 2 Million Gallons of 'Drilling Fluid' in Ohio Wetlands


#5 - Balenciaga's $2,145 bag is just like Ikea's 99 cent tote


#4 - Champs Elysées in Paris closed, reports of 2 police officers shot.


#3 - South Korea Tells Trump It's Actually Never Been a Part of China


#2 - Dow Chemical Donates $1 Million to Trump, Asks Administration to Ignore Pesticide Study


#1 - Apple pledges to stop mining raw materials and use 100% reusable material





#10 - Apple Makes iMovie, GarageBand, and iWork Apps for Mac and iOS Free for All Users


#9 - Keira Knightley confirmed for Pirates of the Caribbean 5


#8 - After Trump supporter collapses, protestors provide care


#7 - Giraffes must be listed as endangered, conservationists formally tell US


#6 - Fox News Has Decided Bill O’Reilly Has to Go


#5 - After using n-word in front of black colleagues, Fla. state senator faces calls to resign


#4 - Netflix's biggest competition is sleep, says CEO Reed Hastings


#3 - Baltimore's solar-powered water wheel has now removed 1.1 million lbs of rubbish from the river


#2 - France says it has proof Assad carried out chemical attack that killed 86


#1 - 3 Week of protest in Venezuela, happening TODAY, what we are calling the MOTHER OF ALL PROTEST! Support we don't have international media covering this.



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