#380 - Donald Trump & North Korea

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Comment Reply - Episode 379 - A Tax Evaded is a Tax Forgiven


#10 - Some companies still paying Puerto Rico employees despite closed stores after hurricanes


#9 - Trump made a personal address to Kim Jong-un


#8 - Three UCLA men's basketball players -- including LiAngelo Ball -- arrested in China for shoplifting


#7 - Motrin, Tylenol combination as effective as opioids for acute extremity pain in the ER, study suggests


#6 - Snap lost nearly $40 million on unsold Spectacles

Snapchat: "To attract more Android users, we are building a new version of our Android application from the ground up"


#5 - Jeff Sessions' DOJ Drops Prosecution Of Woman Who Laughed At Jeff Sessions


#4 - Farmers must stop antibiotics use in animals due to human health risk, warns WHO


#3 - Mass. Trooper Sues Police Leaders After He Was Told To Alter Arrest Report Of Judge's Daughter


#2 - Virginia Elections

Virginia elects first transgender state legislator, defeating author of bathroom privacy bill

Democrat Ralph Northam elected governor of Virginia


#1 - China bans tourism to North Korea


Listener Submission - Rich and Famous in the Paradise Papers


Nathan - Netflix Orders Big-Budget Drama Documentary Series 'The Last Czars', about the fall of the Romanov dynasty in Russia

Bob's Burgers was the highest rated scripted show Sunday Night on primetime and beat both Family Guy AND The Simpsons!


Schwahn - Logitech is killing all Logitech Harmony Link universal remotes as of March 16th 2018. Disabling the devices consumers purchased without reimbursement.



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