#379 - A Tax Evaded is a Tax Forgiven

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#10 - New Zealand's New Leader Wants to Kill Off Carbon


#9 - North Korea nuclear tests are 'leading to deformed babies and turning province into wasteland'


#8 - Stephen Hawking says A.I. could be 'worst event in the history of our civilization


#7 - U.S. attorney general due to face Democrats' Russia questions next week


#6 - Washington Post, A.V. Club, Flavorwire boycotting all Disney screenings over LA Times blacklisting


#5 - ObamaCare signups surge in early days to set new record


#4 - Donald Trump 'tells Japanese emperor mass shootings can happen anywhere' — in country with no mass shootings


#3 - Air Force Error Allowed Texas Gunman to Buy Weapons


#2 - Syria is signing the Paris climate agreement, leaving the US alone against the rest of the world

Syria signs Paris Agreement - leaving US only country in the world to refuse climate change deal


#1 - Apple, the world's most profitable firm, has a secretive new structure allowing it to continue avoiding billions in taxes, Paradise Papers show.

The Paradise Papers Make the Republican Tax Plan Look Insane


Schwahn - This Makeup Artist Transformed Herself Into A Black Woman For Halloween And The Internet Is Outraged



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