#361 - Flex Trillerson

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#10 - Woman who made child porn videos to send to husband jailed for 30 years in ‘worst case’ of crime seen in decades


#9 - Woman gets $400k package of oxycodone; wanted yoga mat


#8 - IRS awards Equifax no-bid, $7.25 million contract after hack


#7 - Despite fears that the legalization of marijuana might encourage use among adolescents, the rate of marijuana use among teenagers has dropped to its lowest point since 1994, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.


#6 - ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Movie Ordered Up For 2020


#5 - Tillerson reportedly described Trump as ‘a moron’ and was set to resign in July


#4 - Mexico slaps Trump in face by offering aid to Puerto Rico after his disastrous visit


#3 - The scale of London’s air pollution crisis was laid bare on Wednesday, with new figures showing that every person in the capital is breathing air that exceeds global guidelines for one of the most dangerous toxic particles, PM2.5, with most areas exceeding levels by at least 50%.


#2 - John McCain Urges Supreme Court to 'Return Control of Our Elections to the People'


#1 - More Than 80% Of All Net Neutrality Comments Were Sent By Bots, Researchers Say - 95% of all organic comments favored net neutrality


Listener Submissions

US Forces attacked in Niger





submitted by Athena_Latina via Private Message

Ottawa Phone Startup’s fundraising bid dropped over copycat allegations

submitted by Chris Ifill via e-mail (From Canada)


Schwahn - TIL Researchers tried 2000 times to ignite gasoline with a cigarette; failed 100% of the time.


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