#360 - Another Cannabis Domino Falls

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#10 - Las Vegas shooting victim reunite with hero who saved him

Former Marine steals truck after Vegas shooting and drives nearly 30 victims to hospital

Joe donating 100% of the money from his show on Friday to victims of the Las Vegas shooting Go Fund Me.

Jimmy Kimmel on Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Shooting Go Fund Me


#9 - Ikea has debuted an indoor farm that grows greens three times faster than a garden


#8 - Australia offers to help US with gun reform


#7 - Trump Says The Hurricane That Crushed Puerto Rico Wasn't A "Real Catastrophe" Like Katrina

Puerto Rico mayor invited to take part in White House conference call on hurricane disaster effort - but told she could not speak

Jennifer Lopez Donates $1m to Hurricane Relief Effort in Puerto Rico


#6 - FIFA fines Germany for Nazi chants at World Cup Qualifier


#5 - Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump had third private account

Hundreds of White House emails sent to third Kushner family account


#4 - Ajit Pai gets new term on FCC despite protest of anti-net neutrality plan


#3 - DOJ releases overruled memos finding it illegal for presidents to appoint relatives


#2 - Teenagers with school starting times before 8:30 a.m. may be at particular risk of experiencing depression and anxiety due to compromised sleep quality, according to a recent URMC study.


#1 - Atlanta decriminalizes marijuana


Schwahn - The GOP insists that the Vegas shooter's gun arsenal is "a right," but medical treatment for his 500+ survivors is merely "a privilege."


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