#359 - Viva Las Vegas

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#10 - Lil Wayne refuses to go through security check, skips own concert


#9 - Samsung Expected to Earn $4B More Making iPhone X Parts Than Galaxy S8 Parts


#8 - Egypt reportedly ordered 30,000 rockets from North Korea in $23m deal foiled by U.S.


#7 - Tesla wants to build special charging stations that sell food and coffee


#6 - OJ Simpson freed after 9-years in jail for armed robbery


#5 - White American men are a bigger domestic terrorist threat than Muslim foreigners


#4 - Catalan referendum: Riot police 'fire rubber bullets' at crowd as they block voters at besieged polling stations

EU Commission says Catalan referendum was not legal and the issue is an internal matter for Spain

Huge upsurge in support for independence is revealed in world exclusive final Catalan poll (62% turnout, 83% Yes)

BBC News: Catalonia has 'won right to statehood' - Catalan President

Maduro to Spanish President Rajoy: Who's the Dictator Now?


#3 - Apple now sells a ($35) iPhone dongle with a headphone jack & charging port


#2 - Trump dedicates golf trophy to hurricane victims

Donald Trump heckled with 'you don't give a sh*t about Puerto Rico' as he dedicates golf trophy to victims


#1 - Active shooter at Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas

Gun-maker stocks surge after mass shooting in Las Vegas


Nathan - McDonald's is officially bringing back Szechuan Sauce!


Schwahn - D&D


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