#366 - Airborne Trade War

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#10 - Equifax website hacked again, this time to redirect to fake Flash update.


#9 - US to withdraw from UNESCO due to its anti-Israeli stances


#8 - Woman almost dies after unborn baby kicks a hole in her womb


#7 - McCain scolds Trump for missing Russian sanctions deadline


#6 - The owners of the 'Breaking Bad' house put up a fence to stop people throwing pizzas onto their roof


#5 - Judge says US govt has 'no right to rummage' through anti-Trump protest website logs


#4 - Just 10 rivers, 8 in Asia alone, may be responsible for 88-95% of all of plastic pollution in the ocean.


#3 - Trump threatens to pull FEMA from Puerto Rico


#2 - Colorado’s 2017 marijuana sales reach $1 billion in just eight months


#1 - Justin Trudeau told Donald Trump he would block his country’s armed forces from buying Boeing aircraft if the US presses ahead with plans to slap import tariffs of 300 percent on Bombardier aeroplanes.


Listener Submission - Woman Jogger won't stop Pooping in front of Family House


Schwahn - TIL of a woman who is literally fearless due to a rare genetic condition known as Urbach-Wiethe disease that hardened her amygdala - part of the brain responsible for fear response.


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