#112 - Breaking News: Jo Cox can't rewind time.

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#10 - Ubisoft is giving 1 free pc game a month until the end of 2016 to everyone


#9 - Samurai Jack!


#8 - #SodaTax


#7 - Muslim-Americans have repeatedly informed authorities of fellow Muslims they fear might be turning to extremism, law enforcement officials say, contrary to a claim by presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump this week.


#6 - The first big company to say it's serving the legal marijuana trade? Microsoft ... Microsoft is breaking the corporate taboo on pot this week by announcing a partnership to begin offering software that tracks marijuana plants from “seed to sale,” as the pot industry puts it.


#5 - TIL that the company who made Settlers of Catan made a real 'Cones of Dunshire' game, after the fictional game Ben Wyatt made up in Parks and Recreation.


#4 - Decriminalisation Call As 'War On Drugs' Fails. Top public health experts say illicit drug use should be treated as a health issue rather than punishing those who need treatment.


#3 - open-source materials in place of textbooks, an initiative that could save students as much as $1,300 a year. Such open educational resources—created using open licenses that let students download or print materials for free—have gained popularity as the price of print textbooks have skyrocketed


#2 - MP Jo Cox dead after shooting attack


#1 - TIL a pig named Lulu saved her owner’s life while the woman was having a heart attack. The pig heard the cries of pain, forced her way out of the yard, ran into the road and ‘played dead’ to stop the traffic. A driver stopped, the pig led him to the trailer, he heard the woman and called 911.



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