#102 - Wolverine is my Spirit Animal

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#10 - The length of a second could be about to change as German Scientists have found a way to create world's most accurate clock. If it had started 14 billion years ago at the Big Bang it would have lost just 100 seconds.


#9 - Women tweet the words "whore" and "slut" at nearly double the rate men do


#8 - Obama to visit Hiroshima


#7 - Woman wearing "Stop Domestic Violence" T-shirt arrested for domestic violence


#6 - TIL Rollercoaster loops are never circular, but instead, are designed with an upside down "teardrop" shape. This is because perfectly circular loops will subject riders to up to 6Gs of g-force, causing them to get injured.


#5 - Mars has just exited an extreme ice age, according to new research. At its peak, 370,000 years ago, “Mars would have actually looked more white than red,” says the lead astrophysicist, Isaac Smith.


#4 - Thailand has shut down 10 popular diving sites in a bid to slow a coral bleaching crisis, an official said Thursday, in a rare move to shun tourism profits to protect the environment


#3 - Greek news sites are reporting that Aristotle's tomb was found.


#2 - GOP Pushing Bill That Guts FCC Authority, Kills Net Neutrality


#1 - Google wins trial against Oracle as jury finds Android is “fair use”




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