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#10 - Megathread: State Department Email Audit re: Hillary Clinton


#9 - Fox News Should Give America What It Wants: A Primetime Sanders-Trump Debate


#8 - TIL a man robbed a bank by pretending to be a public health official and giving a fatal dose of cyanide to all 16 people in the bank under the pretense of a routine dysentery inoculation


#7 - Microsoft bangs the final nail in Nokia Devices’ coffin, will lay off 1,850


#6 - TIL that the Normandy beach landing scene in Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan cost $12Million alone, employed use of over 1,500 extras and has been rated 'the best battle scene of all time' by Empire magazine


#5 - Teacher Who Called Obama a Gay Prostitute Loses Board of Education Race


#4 - TIL that the always bubbly Who's Line Is It Anyway star Wayne Brady suffers from severe depression. After having a mental breakdown at 42 years old and Robin Williams death in 2014 made him realize how important it was to speak publicly about facing depression


#3 - Billionaire investor Peter Thiel, who was outed as gay by Gawker in 2007, has been secretly funding Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker


#2 -  League of Legends and ESPN


#1 - Adidas shoe manufacture returns to Germany, fully automated instead of relying on human labour in Asia



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