#85 - Captain Ethiopia: Civil War

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#20 Doris Roberts Dies at 90: Appeared in Christmas Vacation Among Other Films; Everybody Loves Raymond


#19 - TIL in 1992, a team of game developers used a white puffball as a placeholder graphic while they designed their game’s protagonist. They grew fond of the puffball, and decided to keep him rather than replace him with a real character. He became the iconic character Kirby.


#18 - What if a human bite turns zombies back to normal but no one in the apocalypse has ever tried it.


#17 - I saw my dwarf neighbor at a bus stop


#16 - One day someone will use "I thought I was still in VR" as a criminal defense


#15 - Reddit, what is the best one liner joke you've ever heard?


#14 - U.S Senate Votes To Give Veterans Access To Medical Marijuana


#13 - Netflix Has Twice as Many U.S. Subscribers as Comcast


#12 - TIL in 1981, a pediatrician saved the life of a 3.2-pound premature baby boy by working around the clock to beat the odds & stabilize him. In 2011, the pediatrician was pinned inside a burning vehicle after a car collision, but was saved by the premature baby, who had grown up to become a paramedic.


#11 - Dalai Lama on Twitter: "The time has come for us to consider seriously how to change our way of life not through prayer or religious teaching, but through education"


#10 - Sanders campaign accuses DNC and Clinton campaign of breaking campaign finance law


#9 - "Blackmail": Obama under pressure to declassify secret 9/11 report


#8 - If you ever wondered how they install those huge power line towers


#7 - Ethiopia attack: 200 people dead, 100 children missing


#6 - Captain America: Civil War


#5 - New Yorkers File Emergency Lawsuit To Give Voting Rights Back To 3.2 Million People


#4 - WiFi capacity doubled at less than half the size. Engineers develop the first on-chip RF circulator that doubles WiFi speeds with a single antenna. This is the first time researchers have integrated a non-reciprocal circulator and a full-duplex radio on a nanoscale silicon chip


#3 - Gamestop


#2 - #RiceGum1Mil


#1 - IRS Urges Americans: Come Clean Now, Before We Read Panama Papers



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