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#20 TIL Sir Anthony Hopkins is renowned for his ability to memorize lines. He did the 7 page Amistad courtroom speech in one take and usually has his co-actors practice with stand in's then comes and does it in one take when they are fully ready.


#19 - TIL the average Wal-Mart shopper is a white, 50-year-old female with an annual household income of $53,125


#18 - TIL a 12 year old French boy faked his own kidnapping, going so far as to lie to police, saying he was taken by a cheek-scarred villain, all so that he wouldn't have to go to the dentist. 

#17 - Police have raided the offices of the law firm at the centre of the leaking of the “Panama papers”


#16 - There should be a Tinder for friends. I don't care about getting laid, but I'd really like a friend to play board games or go hiking with.


#15 - Shoe Company New Balance Says US Gov't Basically Offered It a Bribe to Support TPP


#14 - Dem Senator Breaks From The Pack To Endorse Bernie Sanders


#13 - Piracy Fails to Prevent Another Box Office Record


#12 - Monday’s demonstration was one of the largest acts of civil disobedience to occur inside Washington—and it barely got any attention from the mainstream press.


#11 - In a world first, a quadriplegic man can once again move his fingers after a chip was implanted in his brain.


#10 - Clinton's dismal approval ratings prompt Dem fears


#9 - Bill Would Require Airlines To Let Parents, Kids Sit Together At No Extra Charge


#8 - Researchers unearthed more evidence that replacing butter with vegetable oils does not decrease risk of heart disease.


#7 - Sanders just stopped his motorcade in Brooklyn and he is walking to join picket line of Verizon Workers! MSNBC is broadcasting live!!!


#6 - New York’s transit workers union endorses Bernie Sanders


#5 - TIL when Einstein was told of the publication of a book entitled, '100 Authors Against Einstein', he replied: "Why one hundred? If I were wrong, one would have been enough."


#4 - Military veteran frustrated he has to annually fill out form to say his legs are still missing


#3 - Chris Evans & Matt LeBlanc


#2 - #Empire , eff that, Staples Center


#1 - Saudi Arabia strips religious police of arresting power



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